The Yet Another RussNet (YARN) project was initiated in 2013 and aims at creating a large open WordNet-like machine-readable thesaurus for the Russian language through crowdsourcing. The project objectives include creating the thesaurus, developing free and libré open source software to operate with it, designing the necessary data schemes and models, writing technical and user documentation. The thesaurus is available for download at under the CC BY-SA license. The project is no longer maintained since 2018.


We use both XML and CSV formats to represent our import and export data. Please consult the format specification on NLPub, which is available in English.



This work is supported by the Russian Foundation for the Humanities, projects no. 13-04-12020 “New Open Electronic Thesaurus for Russian” and no. 16-04-12019 “RussNet and YARN thesauri integration”, by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project no. 16-37-00354 мол_а “Adaptive Crowdsourcing Methods for Linguistic Resources”, and by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.